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Before you can configure an image at least one role must be present. The roles area shows all configured and available roles within your account.

Image management roles

Roles can also be added from the Add Images page.

Add role via add image

Table views #

The roles table view shows the following columns:

  • Name: Shows the name of the role.
  • Description: Shows the description of the role.
  • Creation Date: Shows the creation date of the role.
  • Updated At: Shows the last time the role has been updated.
  • Groups: Shows the group count of assigned groups to this role.

Add roles #

To add a role, click +.

add roles

Give the role a name and, if desired, a description.

Then choose from 1. Available Provisioner Groups and add them to the role with 2. a click +.

add role info

Under Selected Provisioner Groups you have an overview. Once you are finished click Save.

save added provisioner groups

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