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Server automation, standardization and hardening

Deliver and standardize the complete Windows Remote Desktop Service infrastructure. Upgrade, migrate and reduce complexity with XOAP.

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With XOAP, Nanu-Nana can provision and configure the complete Microsoft Remote Desktop Services infrastructure in the shortest possible time. Each role within the environment is automatically equipped and configured with all the necessary software components, so that no additional manual activities are required.

The automation process enables rapid operating system migrations, operating system upgrades and disaster recovery (DR) processes. By using XOAP, Nanu-Nana was able to reduce its administrative activities and shorten the time required to deploy new systems.

The aim is to create standards so that the customer can act quickly and efficiently.

Complete server automation and delivery with ease

Fast server upgrade, stable infrastructure and reduced issues.

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About our customer


Nanu-Nana is an established retailer with a focus on trendy home accessories, gifts and decorative items. The company was founded in Germany in 1972 and has since become a popular destination for customers looking for original and affordable products for their homes and living spaces.

With numerous stores in Germany and beyond, Nanu-Nana offers its customers not only a comprehensive product selection, but also a pleasant shopping experience in attractively designed stores.

The current operating system for the remote desktop infrastructure was outdated, so the client wanted to migrate to the new version of Windows Server 2019.

The lack of standards in system configuration and application deployment led to many manual tasks and long deployment times, as well as a lack of updates.

With XOAP, Nanu-Nana is able to provide the entire Microsoft Remote Desktop Services infrastructure in an automated and standardized way. The client has thus freed themselves from dependencies on individual persons and can react quickly to changes in the team. The rapid implementation of various system changes or the provision of new applications can be implemented in the shortest possible time.

We were able to eliminate various manual tasks and thus speed up the provisioning of our servers and free ourselves from dependencies.
Head of IT

Added values for the fast delivery and deployment of Windows server systems

Benefit from seamless integration into your company workflows and easy handling.

Reduced deployment time
Our combined solution stack significantly reduced system delivery time by standardizing system configurations, streamlining deployment and accelerating the activation process.
Simplified OS upgrade and migration

XOAP simplified the setup of Windows server systems. We automated the provision of software and system configurations, and accelerated the change and release process of new systems.

Standardized software deployment
Using our PSADT Package Wizard, we created software packages that can be rolled out to their target systems in standardized groups, making OS changes effortless.
Improved user experience

Standardized configurations and their deployment processes, consistent configurations and defined dependencies led to an improved end-user experience, as well as an increase in productivity and satisfaction.

Enhanced scalability
XOAP improved the scalability for notebook delivery which enabled the company to efficiently deliver notebooks and upgrade the operating system for a large number of users in a short amount of time.
Reduced support tickets

Standardized processes have reduced the number of IT support tickets. The response time to tickets has also been reduced, as standardized processes can be executed at the touch of a button.

Operational costs (TCO) reduction

A major benefit of using XOAP is the reduction in operating costs, as standardized processes allow predefined user settings and configurations to be played out many times without succumbing to a loss of quality. At the same time, the complexities of an infrastructure are reduced.

Fast operating system (OS) migrations

By providing simple and standardized deliveries, customers can perform their migration to the latest Windows operating system without facing increased administrative overhead. Dedicated configuration and automation removes the dependency on the operating system.

Satisfaction of end-users and IT departments

By simplifying the migration process, IT can respond more quickly and efficiently to a variety of needs, increasing end-user satisfaction when upgrading the infrastructure.

Simplify and accelerate the standardization, automation and provisioning of your servers

Our products can be combined according to your needs.

Ready to get started with automation? You will love it.

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