Software to simplify your it

Manage your Server and Desktop systems

One application to manage your complete IT. Reduce infrastructure complexity and operational costs in hybrid environments.

Manage your Server and Desktop systems transparent

Ditch the manual processes

Simplify the delivery and administration of your systems across your entire IT infrastructure.

It’s time to switch to automation.

Play Video about XOAP no1 automation platform

Let's make things easier for you, starting now.

XOAP frees you up from manual complexities by providing a centralized solution. From only one place, you can access and manage everything.

Deliver your OS customized and fully automated

Simply create customized virtual machine images.

Easiest way to package and deliver software to any system

Experience standardized software packaging and deployment.

Unified configurations and management of all systems

Easily create configuration as code in hybrid infrastructures.

Automate the entire delivery in hybrid environments

Provision and manage your entire IT infrastructure, servers and workplaces on premises and multi cloud.

Don't just take our word for it, see for yourself.

Unlike other platforms, our platform is designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy for all skill levels to manage their IT.

Go to and create your account. No credit card required. 

Add your Azure and AWS connections or connect your on premises Servers and Desktop systems to your XOAP account. Read more.

Deploy software packages or system configurations immediately to any connected platform and system. 

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