STIG security compliance across all systems

System configuration and hardening made easy. Achieve full STIG compliance with XOAP’s security templates and best practices. 

Meet STIG standards

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Shield your IT systems with config.XO

Meet STIG requirements and strengthen security to defend against cyber threats.

Compliance rate up to 98%

By using XOAP’s compliance management, you can reach a 98% compliance rate, saving valuable time and avoiding hefty fines.

Full infrastructure visibility

Get complete visibility into your infrastructure whether it’s in the cloud, on premises or a hybrid system with globally available clients.

Up-to-date security standards

XOAP’s config.XO adapts to evolving threats by automating the latest STIG compliance across all your systems. 

STIG compliance starts here

Easily manage cross-system configurations with compliance templates and best practices.

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FAQ – All about STIG

STIG stands for Security Technical Implementation Guide

STIG provides DoD guidelines for securely configuring systems and applications. It details best practices for system hardening, access controls and vulnerability management to comply with security standards and regulations.

STIGs are typically updated quarterly to address new vulnerabilities. 

They’re mandatory for DoD systems (any tech or info systems used by the U.S. Department of Defense) and contractors. For others, they’re highly recommended but not legally required. Many organizations use them to improve their security.

STIGs are specific security rules mainly for DoD systems, while CIS Benchmarks are general best practices for securing various systems.

Use XOAP. It provides templates and best practices to make STIG compliance simple and effective.

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