Simple, fast and reproducible

XOAP for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT companies

Manage, automate and standardize the  IT delivery for multiple customers from one single User Interface.


More than just a tool

We understand the importance of laying the foundation for susitainable growth, which is why XOAP is more than just a tool – it’s a way to achieve long-term success and prosperity.

Manage multiple customers through one SaaS

Multi-client capability from an intuitive interface without having to set up your own infrastructure.

Manage new customers with existing resources

Time is money and automation is the key to saving both. XOAP accelerates migrations, project runtimes and implementations.

Reproducible for multiple customers, accounts and platforms

Consistency and standards, the path to success. XOAP offers fully reproducible IT infrastructures on various cloud and on-premises platforms.

Community voices

Insights from tech experts – what they think about XOAP.

Douglas Brown
Dougles Brown — “XOAP is an amazing up-and-coming automation solution! I highly recommend you take a look at what they are doing.”
Mike Cobussen
Mike Cobbussen — “XOAP offers a powerfull automation platform and is here to do all that! It is designed to simplify complex IT operations, be more efficient and enable a more agile IT infrastructure.”
Andrew Wood
Andrew Wood — “...want to geek out with the lovely people at XOAP to see their new features? If you aren't Douglas Brown… and are reading this you can of course still come, I got a chance to see earlier drafts... very cool.”
Citrix ready logo
Citrix Ready — “Welcome onboard, XOAP! #citrixready #euc #automation #citrix”
Helge Klein
Helge Klein — “This excellent post by Patrick Matula describes how to get started with uberAgent, Elasticsearch and the XOAP dashboards.”
Ruben Spruijt
Ruben Spruijt — “Check out this Hexagrid and whitepaper for a detailed overview of the End-User Computing Ecosystem.”

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Software and application packaging and management

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