You will never create a PSADT package faster

Standardized. Versioned. Documented. Access hundreds of PSADT packages on demand with our no-code PSADT Package Wizard.

Play Video about Install and configure PSADT Package Wizard


Standardized software packaging. Guided structure, no coding, better results




Register at and start your free trial to download the PSADT Package Wizard for free




Open your trial workspace, go to Application Management, search for "PackageWizard" and download the package


PSADT Package Wizard installation


Install the PSADT Package Wizard on your package system as described in the video above. Configure your environment and get started


PSADT Package Wizard packaging


Create packages without scripting. Use all available variables for the installation and uninstallation of software packages. Enjoy the process

We integrate common technologies and open source products

Create PSADT software packages for systems across multiple platforms (AWS, Azure…) and on premises for VMware, Citrix, Notebooks or FAT clients.
PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit

Integrate the PSAppDeployToolkit completely to streamline and standardize the software deployment process.

Free PSADT Package Wizard

Create PSADT packages in a few clicks with no code at all. Standardized, versioned and documented. Available for free download from your XOAP dashboard.

Installer technologies
We support all common installers. WinGet and Chocolatey are available for integration. Simplify your deployment, updating and uninstallation.
Package sync in hybrid environments

Benefit from the global availability of packages and synchronize them with your data center to ensure availability in hybrid IT infrastructures.

Third-party integration

Automate and deploy fully integrated technologies. Deploy Citrix, uberAgent, deviceTRUST or FSlogix. More templates and integration are available.

Access your sources using our provided API. Benefit from holistic automation of your entire infrastructure and services.

Get rid of manual and
error-prone packages

Establish standards and reduce overhead with our unique, no-code PSADT Package Wizard.

PSADT Package Wizard

By downloading, you accept the XOAP privacy policy and will receive product information from us.

Our products can be combined according to your needs

Accelerate your delivery in hybrid and multi cloud infrastructures and workplaces.

Infrastructure and workplace automation

Customized machine image builds for multiple platforms

System and configuration management 

Software and application packaging and management

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