Automated CIS compliance across all systems

Automate CIS Benchmarks with config.XO for consistent security compliance. Save time, reduce risks and simplify your security processes.

Meet CIS standards

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Meet your new security ally—config.XO

Achieve CIS standards across your systems and address gaps as they are identified.

Consistency across all systems

Gain visibility across your infrastructure no matter where it is – in the cloud, on premises, or a hybrid infrastructure with globally delivered clients.

Industry leading security standards

As threats change, standards evolve to meet them. XOAP enforces the latest CIS standards across your systems, automating unlimited operating systems – everywhere.

Compliance rate up to 98%

With XOAP’s compliance management, you can automate and optimize your compliance rate to 98%. Save time and effort while avoiding big fines.

Start automating CIS Benchmarks

Simplify your cross-system security configurations and benefit from different compliance templates and best practices.

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Ready to automate your CIS Benchmark compliance?

FAQ – All about CIS Benchmarks

CIS Benchmarks are best practice guidelines developed by the Center for Internet Security (CIS) to help organizations secure their IT systems and data against cyber threats. They provide detailed configuration recommendations for various technologies to improve security and compliance.

CIS Benchmarks improve protection by setting industry-standard security configurations, reducing vulnerabilities.

Being CIS compliant means that an organization’s IT systems and practices follow the security guidelines and best practices set by the Center for Internet Security (CIS) to protect against cyber threats.

It helps by consistently applying security configurations and checks, therefore reducing risks. Automation is faster and more accurate than manual checks.

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