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DEG has accelerated global deployment of Windows 10 systems with Microsoft Intune (MEM), PowerShell DSC and PSADT in an Azure AD hybrid environment.

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Using XOAP, DEG can deploy and configure notebooks in target locations worldwide in the shortest possible time. Each Windows 10 notebook is automatically provided with all necessary configurations and applications when a user logs on.

The automation process allows for the purchasing and set-up of devices regardless of the location, without the need for notebooks to be installed or shipped from headquarters.

DEG’s total cost of ownership (TCO) has reduced by a double-digit percentage, while the time it takes to deploy new systems has shortened. This reduces infrastructure costs and enables the IT department to deploy new systems or applications more quickly, securely and reliably for employees on-site and around the world.

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About our customer

KFW DEG Invest

DEG – Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (DEG), a subsidiary of KfW Bankengruppe, has been a reliable partner to private-sector enterprises operating in developing and emerging-market countries for 60 years. DEG provides its customers with tailor-made solutions, including financing, promotional programmes and advice tailored to individual needs. With a portfolio of around EUR 9.2 billion in approximately 80 countries and 20 locations around the globe DEG is one of the world’s largest private-sector development financiers.

DEG’s existing deployment strategy was slow, difficult to manage, expensive to procure and required high maintenance.

They faced the challenge of lengthy deployment cycles and inconsistent system configurations across their global notebook fleet. The manual configuration of settings and software packaging proved to be time-consuming and error-prone, leading to delays and an inconsistent end-user experience.

The organization sought a solution that would automate system configuration, simplify software packaging and expedite the OS delivery process. 

A more cost-effective end-to-end solution that would deliver better performance, rapid scalability and simplified deployment across other subject areas was necessary.

With XOAP, DEG has successfully accelerated their global notebook deployment by combining Microsoft Intune with Autopilot, Windows 10, PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) and PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit (PSADT).

Through this comprehensive solution stack, we have achieved efficient system configuration, seamless software packaging and a streamlined OS delivery process, resulting in reduced deployment time and improved user experience.

"XOAP allows us to quickly, securely and easily deploy and configure
Windows workplaces worldwide."
System Engineer
DEG Invest

Added value for the fast delivery and deployment of Windows workplaces

Benefit from seamless integration into your company workflows and easy handling.

Reduced deployment time
Our combined solution stack significantly reduced system delivery time by standardizing user configurations, streamlining deployment, and accelerating the activation process.
Simplified OS deployment

Autopilot simplified the provisioning and set-up of Windows 10 devices, automating the deployment of DSC configurations and software packages, further accelerating the deployment process.

Consistent system configuration
Desired State Configuration, or DSC, ensured that all notebooks adhere to the desired state, guaranteeing consistent system configurations across the entire fleet of workplaces.
Standardized software packaging and deployment

PSADT allowed for standardized and parameterized software packaging, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring a consistent deployment experience for end-users.

Improved user experience

XOAP’s streamlined deployment process, consistent configurations, and error-free software packaging resulted in an improved end-user experience, enhancing productivity and satisfaction.

Enhanced scalability

Our integrated solution stack provided enhanced scalability for the client’s global notebook deployment, which allowed the organization to efficiently deploy notebooks to a large number of users across different locations.

Operational costs (TCO) reduction

One of the biggest benefits of using XOAP is the reduction of the total cost of ownership (TCO). For DEG, updating a notebook with a new application at any location around the world now takes only minutes, while the user is ready to work again in a matter of a few hours. All this without the need for any complex on-site infrastructures.

Deployment across multiple platforms

DEG currently operates a mix of notebooks on-premises and Citrix virtual apps and desktops in the cloud. With XOAP, they can respond to changes quickly and deploy the same applications and systems in the cloud at the touch of a button. From a strategic point of view, this empowers DEG for future success.

Consolidated and simplified technologies

By switching to XOAP, DEG was able to consolidate its deployment concepts in the client and server environment. With the simplification of their technology stack, the IT department is able to react faster and more efficiently to a wide range of requirements.

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