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Automation and deployment of CAD/CAM workstations throughout Germany

Our customer, a leading building hardware manufacturer, didn’t have an automated workplace and application deployment solution. With XOAP, they were able to deliver complete workplaces quickly, automatically and in a standardized way.

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Our customer is a leading manufacturer in the building hardware industry, specializing in hinge systems for doors and windows. The company’s products are recognized for their functionality and aesthetics and meet the requirements of architects, builders and homeowners worldwide.

This industry faces challenges in standardizing application delivery due to different designs, legacy systems and interoperability issues. Creating a standardized process is complicated by various security protocols and regulatory requirements. Adding to this complexity is the fact that employees travel across Germany and, in some cases, have no fixed location.

With the implementation of XOAP for the department-specific software application provisioning of the R&D departments in Germany, a fully standardized workstation provisioning solution is being introduced. Part of this is the automated rollout of software applications on Windows 11 via the central XOAP platform to all CAD/CAM workstations of SW Germany employees in the R&D department.

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Fully standardized workplace deployment & configuration process

Industry: Building Hardware

The customer was facing a problem with the standardization of their desktop and application deployment process. In particular, the deployment of CAD software was a major challenge as it required numerous manual steps for a successful installation. In addition, the customer had to manually configure the required applications after installation, which was time-consuming and increased the risk of errors.

To overcome these challenges, our customer wanted to create a fully standardised process for desktop and application deployment and configuration.

Using Application Management and Configuration Management in combination with our PSADT Package Wizard, we created PSADT application packages for all required applications. We managed to install and configure all required applications running only one PowerShell command.

As a result, all maintenance and future configurations were handled only through the XOAP automation platform. 

The customer was able to standardize their application deployment process, minimize the risk of errors and fully automate the application installation and workplace delivery. This shortened the time required for client preparation and centralized configuration and enabled a central client configuration console.

Added value for a standardised desktop and application provisioning process.

Benefit from seamless integration into your company workflows and easy handling.


Centralized management

Centralized management enables comprehensive control over the IT application landscape for the customer, facilitating streamlined oversight and coordination.

Standard definitions

Standardization involves mapping standardized user profiles categorized by user classification (such as companies, departments, authorizations, etc.) within XOAP, ensuring uniformity and clarity across user access and privileges.

One-click deployment

With the possibility of using software globally and across different areas with standardised, contactless one-click distribution.

Security and compliance

Standardized management of security updates, version control and continuous deployment of configurations.

Reduce Total Cost of Owntership (TCO)

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through standardized management of security updates, version control and continuous configuration deployment.

Analytics and inventory

Centralized analytics and monitoring for all connected workplaces and systems across Germany provide enhanced oversight and efficiency.

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Automated application installation

XOAP helped the customer standardize their application deployment process, minimizing the risk of errors and fully automating the installation of applications.

Reduced risk of manual errors

By using Application Management, Configuration Management and PSADT Package Wizard, XOAP created application packages for all required software, simplifying the installation and configuration process.

Central client configuration

Our solution centralized client configuration, reducing manual steps and enabling future configurations and maintenance to be handled through XOAP.

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