About Tags #

Tags can be used to assign keywords to resources in XOAP. A resource can be an application, a group, a configuration or an image.

The new central Tags area is currently supported by Application Management. We’ll add support to other modules soon.

Features #

  • Create Tags and assign a color to the tag
  • Create a Tag in Application Management; it will be available in the central Tags area for assignment to other resources
  • Tags have a maximum length of 40 characters
  • Add descriptions to Tags with a maximum length of 160 characters
  • Choose from 6 different colours

Use cases #

  • Assign tags for different teams or departments
  • Assign specific security related Tags
  • Identify resources that belong together because of an assigned Tag

Overview #

In the overview, you can find all created Tags with a preview of the tag

Adding Tags #

By clicking on the green “+”, you can add a tag.

Deleting Tags #

If you decide to delete a tag, click on the gear icon next to the tag. If the tag is assigned to a resource, you’ll be presented with an overview of the assigned resources. From here, you can pick the resources you want to detach the tag from. If you select all, the tag will be detached from the resources and then deleted.

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