Image Wizard

This easy to use Wizard helps to configure and create your images.

Start Image Wizard #

Start by creating a new image in the Image Management overview.

You can skip and jump between the steps if you already uploaded everything that you need in a previous step. Just proceed by clicking on the step you want to work on or the back button.

Step 1: Resources #

In the first step, you can add scripts or files that you need to fully configure your image.

Step 2: Provisioner #

In this step you can configure every provisioner you might need during image creation.

Here you can choose from the available provisioners:

  • PowerShell Command
  • PowerShell Script
  • Linux Shell Command
  • Linux Shell Script
  • File
  • Windows Update
  • Windows Restart
  • DSC Local Configuration
  • DSC Pullserver Configuration
  • Application Installer
  • Application Group Installer
  • Application Role Installer

The Wizard will automatically show you the provisioners that match the file type.

You can search through the available files.

Step 3: Group #

Now configure the provisioner groups, which allow you to create reusable groups for multiple use cases.

Name the group and add all the provisioners you want to include in that group. Add more provisioners if needed and adjust the order of them by dragging the items to the correct position.

To save the changes click Next” or click on Step 4 to proceed.

Step 4: Role #

Configure the provisioner roles, which allow you to create defined roles for specific use cases. The group created in the previous step is automatically added. Add more groups if needed.

Step 5: Operating system #

The next step is to define the operating system items that should be used. To continue, you can choose between AWS or Azure as provider, select the desired operating system as well as the language. If you already created items you can skip this step.

Step 6: Builder #

We will directly proceed to Step 7 by clicking on it.

Step 7: Image #

This step is the last one to configure your image. Fill in the necessary information and click Next once you are done.

Step 8: Summary #

This is it. You will see the summary page and can now run your image.

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