Intro to PSADT Package Wizard

PSADT Package Wizard is a tool that helps you package applications without the need to write or edit PowerShell scripts. Plus, it’s completely free.

Consistent naming conventions for deployment packages #

This is XOAP’s naming convention. All installation and configuration packages are named after this defined concept. The naming concept is mandatory for all packages because the frontend relies on that structure to show package information.

Naming convention structure:


Consistent package naming convention #

According to the example below, the naming convention and the possible options are being described:


  • Type: APP means Applications. Possible values for the type are:
    • APP = Application
    • USR = User configuration
    • SYS = System configuration
    • DRV = Driver
  • Manufacturer: in this case, it’s Citrix for the application
  • Product: in this case, it is the VDA Server
  • Version: of the product – in this case, 1912
  • Operating System: in this case, it’s W2K19. Possible values for the operating systems are:
    • W7
    • W8
    • W81
    • W10
    • W11
    • W2K8
    • W2K8R2
    • W2K12
    • W2K12R2
    • W2K16
    • W2K19
    • W2K22
  • Architecture: in this case, it’s x64. Possible values for the architecture are:
    • x86
    • x64
    • Any
  • Language: in this case, it’s set to any. Possible values are:
    • EN
    • DE
    • Any

Packages must not use spaces, only underscores to separate the areas.

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