2024 January updates

General #

New version of the XOAPBaselineModuleDSC to support continue-on-error in application.XO.

Tags #

We implemented a new central tags area to configure and manage global tags all over the XOAP platform.


First product to support global tags will be application.XO.

application.XO #

We re-implemented all data tables with GraphQL. This enables improved and faster response times when searching and displaying large amount of data.

config.XO #

We added a new re-compile function for DSC configurations created with the wizard. This makes it easy to update module versions inside those configurations.


We also added the latest configuration version and the last version message to the data table.


You can now edit the values of added resources directly inside the editor windows without the need to first open the editor. This should make changes faster for you.


🟢 Fixed

  • [application.XO] Table not shown correctly when editing application groups

🟡 Known Issues

  • [activity-log] CorrelationID cannot be filtered
  • [application.XO] Persist search query setting does not work with new data tables
  • [application.XO] Installation log files do not load

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