About application.XO

This serves as an introduction to application.XO, outlining its purpose, advantages and important features.

The Application Management module is the source for all installation packages and it integrates deeply into the Image Management and Configuration Management module.

It supports PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit (PSADT) packages at the time of this documentation. While we deliver some base applications, you have the freedom to create your own PSADT installation packages and upload them to your account for further usage.

For this purpose, we’re also delivering a free PSADT Package Wizard that helps to create standardized installation packages.

🎥: Watch our YouTube video for a visual walkthrough

Key features #

  • Manage your application installers
  • Download application, group and role installation scripts and use them with any ESD product
  • Use it as fully extensible with parameterized packages and functions

Use cases #

  • Manage your PSADT packages, create groups and roles and assign them to Image Management or Configuration Management hosts or groups
  • Outsource your packaging with the benefit of using defined packaging standards
  • Create application configurations without the need to write a single line of code

Top benefits #

  • Create application installations with our free no-code PSADT Package Wizard
  • Use created applications in any of the available ESD products in the market

Additional resources #

PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit

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