Free automation scripts for Citrix VAaD, RDS and AVD

Free scripts for Citric, AVD and RDS
Automate your virtual desktop installation and configuration with XOAP's free scripts, available for download.
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No matter which virtual desktop solution your organization is using, automation helps eliminate manual installation and lengthy configuration processes.

To save you time (and energy), we’ve provided access to the scripts used internally by XOAP’s team members. The scripts are also part of our automation. 

In other words, the scripts are tried, tested and integrated into our own product.

Find the download forms for Citrix, Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and Azure automation scripts in the following blog posts: 

📋 Full guide to Citrix VaAD installation & delivery

📋 How to automate the deployment of Remote Desktop Services

📋 How to deliver customized Azure Virtual Desktop images

Please note:
While the posts above focus on automating the installation and configuration using the XOAP platform, you don’t need a XOAP account to use the scripts.

Simply download the file you need and customize it to your needs if necessary.

In case you want to explore how XOAP does all of the above and much more, try it for free for 30 days (no credit card required).

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