No-code Azure Virtual Desktop image build

Use a wizard to create customized Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) machine images. Automated and continuous deployment without dependencies.


Simplify your Azure Virtual Desktop image build pipeline

Fully automated creation, configuration and build of AVD machine images across multiple cloud platforms and Azure tenants.

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Automated AVD machine image build and management – simple, fast and reproducible


imageXO add builder to the pipeline


Create Azure Virtual Desktop machine images without writing a single line of code for multiple Azure Tenants


imageXO define custom roles


Build roles and extend your machine images with software packages and configurations


imageXO rebuild scripts


Rebuild your AVD images whenever needed – monthly, weekly, daily or on demand


imageXO resources and scripts


Extend the AVD machine image build process with your existing custom scripts and configurations

Standardized AVD machine image build pipeline and deployment

Standardize and automate the process of continuous building of Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) machine images with an intuitive UI and a simple wizard for multiple Azure tenants and subscriptions.

Automated machine images

Automate the AVD machine image build creation. Customize images to match application and business requirements.

Golden image pipeline

Integrate image management into the deployment workflow. Extend your pipeline with software packages and system configurations to automate your builds.


Machine image compliance

Create defined and audited security and compliance workflows for images that can be deployed on multiple Azure Tenants and other cloud platforms.


Immediate return on investment (ROI)​​

Streamline your operations and boost efficiency with our automation solutions. Let our image automation handle the repetitive tasks while you focus on growth.

We integrate common technologies and open source products

Benefit from seamless integrations in an intuitive user interface. Customize your machine image build and deploy images to multiple Azure tenants.
Machine build templates

Use our best-practice templates for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktops and customize them to fit your business needs. Create your own templates without scripting.

Application and software integration

Customize operating system builds by installing software and applications using PowerShell PSADT, Chocolatey or Windows command line (WinGet).
More about application management

Third-party integration

Integrate Ansible playbooks, as well as other scripts, into the image creation process and extend functionality and flexibility across multiple target platforms.

Image automation across multiple clouds

Deploy machine images to multiple hypervisors like VMware or cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and GCP. Free yourself from code languages and vendor lock-in.

Configuration and system standardization

Use existing PowerShell DSC configurations to create your AVD machine image build according to various security standards and compliance regulations.

Application programming interface

Access various components by using our provided API. Benefit from holistic automation of your entire infrastructure and services.

Ready to automate and standardize your Azure Virtual Desktop machine images?

Simple and intuitive UI for customized AVD machine images and management. Fully automated creation, configuration and build of AVD machine images across multiple cloud platforms and Azure tenants.



30 days for free


€139 /month

1,800 minutes deployment time

Accelerate your delivery in hybrid and multi cloud infrastructures and workplaces

Our products can be combined according to your needs.

Infrastructure and workplace automation

Customized machine image builds for multiple platforms

Software and application packaging and management

System and configuration management with ease

Ready to get started with automation? You will love it.

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