Security and Compliance
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Close your security and compliance gaps on all Windows workplaces and Server systems, even without access to your corporate network. Management, configuration, and monitoring easier than ever before.

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Benefit from templates for a wide variety of scenarios within your company. Expand them according to your needs.

Security and Compliance have never been easier

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"XOAP allows us to quickly, securely and easily deploy and configure Windows Notebooks worldwide."

In just a few steps to a compliant and secure environment, start now and don't waste any time.

Manage all your systems with ease.
Use defined templates for Windows systems and adapt them to your needs
Use templates for Microsoft system configurations, best practices on different workplaces and server systems, and various other configuration sets.
Leverage best practices from Microsoft and other sources out of the box
Use templates for Microsoft security guidelines. Best practices for system compliance for your notebooks, virtual desktops, or other workplaces and server systems.
Distribute the configuration to all systems inside and outside your company network
Create defined and audited security and compliance configurations that can be deployed to multiple nodes across your organization and all attached locations.
Stay secure and compliant, and get all important updates right away
Safe and efficient with our solution. Let XOAP handle the repetitive tasks while you focus on your growth.

Security and compliance made easier than ever

Benefit from seamless integrations in an intuitive user interface to secure and customize your Windows systems consistently.
Security & Compliance Templates
Windows 10/11 Security Baseline
Microsoft Security recommendations
Microsoft Unified Write Filter (UWF)
AVD, AWS Workspaces, and much more...
Rapid Deployment
No agent necessary
Deployment without a VPN
Encrypted and secure connection
Central evaluation
Simple User Interface
Define dependencies
Central versioning and analysis
Documentation and know-how
Secure access and MFA
Community and best practices
Use verified best practices
Reusable configurations
Define clear dependencies
Access the latest versions at all times
Configuration and system standardization
Defined system policies
Configurations in the system and user context
Deployment without agent
Hardening with ease
Central analytics & reporting
Immediate evaluation of the configuration
Central display of all connected systems
Fast problem finding and assignment
Access to all information in the backend

Close security gaps and standardize your system hardening. Use config.XO right now for cross-platform compliance

Security and compliance guidelines to secure your entire IT infrastructure.
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