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We integrate common technologies and open source products

Benefit from seamless integrations in an intuitive user interface to customize your systems in a hybrid IT infrastructure and manage them on multiple target platforms such as AWS, Azure, or GCP, as well as on-premises with VMware, Citrix, Notebooks, or FAT clients.
PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit
Our unique PSADT Wizard guides you through an intuitive interface for creating standardized and audit-proof software installation packages with all the benefits PSADT offers, such as consistent installations, and user notifications.
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MSI, EXE, Commands
Use all common installation formats and create your PSADT packages with ease. Simplify deployment, upgrading, and uninstallation with our centralized management.
FSLogix simplifies profile and application management in virtual environments, improves logon times, enables easy app provisioning, and provides a consistent user experience across multiple devices and locations.
Package sync in hybrid environments
Benefit not only from the global availability of packages and configurations, but also synchronize them with the location of your choice on-site in your own data center. Ensure availability in hybrid IT infrastructures.
Citrix packages on-demand
Deploy and maintain your entire Citrix environment. Whether on-premises on VMware or in the cloud on AWS and Azure. Create standards and run a hybrid Citrix infrastructure that is standardized and automated.
Deployment testing
Test and deploy your created PSADT package during compilation. Install, uninstall and define dependencies within the wizard and fix existing issues on-demand.

Get rid of manual and error-prone packages

Establish standards and reduce overhead with our unique PSADT Package Wizard.

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More about XOAP

We develop solutions that enable companies to start immediately with the right strategy in hybrid infrastructures. Use each module individually or bundle them into a holistic solution.