Entire platform, infrastructure and workplace automation

Pre-release soon available to all XOAP users as Scripted Actions.


One platform for multi cloud automation

Provision and manage your entire IT infrastructure, servers and workplaces on premises and on multi cloud.

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Scripted Actions are coming to all XOAP accounts

Replace tedious manual tasks with automation on different platforms, instantly.

platformXO Scripted Actions overview

Scripted Actions

Struggling with repetitive and time-consuming tasks? Wasting hours juggling countless cloud computing tools

With Scripted Actions, this is a thing of the past.

Upload and use existing scripts

Upload your own PowerShell scripts or use pre-defined scripts from XOAP. Assign tags for easy categorization.

platformXO New scripted action
platfomXO scheduling

Run desired scripts in a few clicks

Run scripts on cloud platforms like AWS or Azure – from a single UI. Trigger scripts manually, through API or schedule them to run at your preferred time.

Monitor status and history

Check the current status. View the history of previous runs and log files.

platformXO Log file

Various IT automation needs, one platform.

Find out how Scripted Actions easily eliminate manual intervention and increase free time – all without needing to combine numerous tools and platforms.

And focus on what actually matters.

Accelerate delivery in hybrid and multi cloud infrastructures and workplaces

Our products can be combined according to your needs.

Entire platform, infrastructure and workplace automation


Customized image builds for multiple platforms


Configuration management with ease


Software and application packaging and management

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