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With little effort, the State Center for Data Processing - LZfD implements a forward-looking strategy for the flexible migration of Microsoft Windows operating systems to the latest version, thereby achieving an optimization of IT service management.

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With XOAP, LZfD is able to deploy and configure new notebooks and Windows operating systems in the shortest possible time. Every Windows 10 notebook is automatically equipped with all necessary user configurations, so that no additional manual activities are required.

The automation process allows for rapid OS migrations, OS upgrades, and hardware replacements. By using XOAP, LZfD has reduced their total cost of ownership (TCO) by a double-digit percentage and reduced the time it takes to deploy new systems.

This lowers infrastructure costs and enables the IT department to deploy new systems or applications to employees faster, more securely and more reliably.

The aim is to create standards with components close to the operating system so that no further dependencies are created.

Reduce delivery time
The combined solution stack significantly reduced system delivery time by standardizing user configurations, streamlining deployment, and accelerating the activation process.
Simplified OS Upgrade and Migration
Simplifies the deployment and setup of Windows client systems. Automates the provision of software configurations and user configurations, and accelerates the change and release process of new systems.
User Profile Configurations
The user configuration ensured that all notebooks were in the desired state and ensured consistent user configurations across different workstations and changing hardware.
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Improved User Experience
Standardized user configurations and their deployment process, consistent configurations and defined dependencies led to an improved end user experience and increased productivity and satisfaction.
Enhanced Scalability
The integrated solution offered improved scalability for notebook delivery. It enabled the company to efficiently deliver notebooks and upgrade the Operating System to large numbers of users in a short amount of time.

You too can manage your systems with ease.

About our Customer

The State Center for Data Processing - LZfD operates the information and communication technology primarily for the state tax administration. With approximately 550 employees, the LZfD is organizationally integrated as a department in the Karlsruhe Higher Finance Directorate and maintains operating sites at the Karlsruhe, Stuttgart and Freiburg locations.

The Karlsruhe Regional Finance Office (OFDKa) is a central authority of the Baden-Württemberg tax administration. With its more than 16,000 employees, the OFDKa as a joint authority is responsible for the supervision of tax offices and several state offices for building construction.

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The current operating system was outdated, so they wanted to migrate to the new Windows 10 version.

The lack of standards in application configurations led to many manual tasks and long login times. Unclear responsibilities also made it difficult to set up the devices, so the goal of the migration was primarily to reduce administrative activities and Helpdesk tickets.

In addition, the hardware lifecycle was to be made more sustainable in order to reduce overall IT costs and gain more control over the IT infrastructure.

Using profile.XO, the LZfD is able to centrally configure user profiles and provide them in an adapted manner - without the need for a complex infrastructure in the backend.

With short user login or device delivery times, employees are provided with a positive work experience. Through profile.XO, control and configuration of user settings on different Windows client workstations can be done from a central interface.

The fast implementation of various system changes supports the resource-saving configuration and standardization of user profiles. Predefined software settings and ease of use help IT system administrators quickly provision workstations.

Automatic retention of all user settings and configurations ensures a consistent experience on any device or workstation.

Customer Voice

"We were able to eliminate various manual tasks and thus speed up the delivery of the notebooks."

Reduce operational costs (TCO)

A major benefit of using XOAP is the reduction in operating costs, as standardized processes allow predefined user settings and configurations to be played out many times without succumbing to a loss of quality. At the same time, the complexities of an infrastructure are reduced.

Fast migrations to new Windows OS and Systems

By providing simple and standardized user profiles, customers can perform their migration to the latest Windows 10 operating system without facing increased administrative overhead. The dedicated configuration and management of user profiles, removes the dependency on the operating system.

Satisfaction of End-Users and IT departments

By simplifying the migration process, IT can respond more quickly and efficiently to a variety of needs, increasing end-user satisfaction when replacing devices. Providing new hardware after defective or after hardware change, allows employees to continue working without downtime and waiting.

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