DSC for everyone; cross-platform and with ease

Create configuration as code in hybrid infrastructures via a simple and intuitive console. #1 in Desired State Configuration.


Desired State Configuration (DSC) at its best

Simplify your cross-system and cross-platform configuration management and benefit from advantages of the open source environment.

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Enforce Desired State Configuration and compliance policies
across hybrid infrastructures


imageXO resources and scripts


Manage all systems in hybrid IT infrastructures. Standardize the configuration management across platforms




Versioning, standardization and continuous deployment of configurations from a simple console to all connected systems, even standalone


configXO_group with application role


Software installation and configuration; system hardening and protection. Everything regulated, structured and fast




Central analysis and evaluation of all connected systems; quick and easy reaction to errors and security gaps

Use cases for Desired State Configuration – across hybrid IT infrastructures

Want to automate configuration and make it consistent across platforms?
Desired State Configuration combines the power of automation with a user-friendly user interface.

Consistency across hybrid infrastructures

DSC enables you to define the desired configuration for your infrastructure and then apply it consistently across your environment. This helps you reduce configuration drift and ensure that your systems remain in a known, good state, making configuration management more efficient.

Console for infrastructure as code

DSC can be used as part of an IaC approach to infrastructure management. By defining the desired state of your infrastructure as code, you can version-control your infrastructure and apply changes consistently across your environment. The intuitive UI makes it usable even for non-coders.

Compliance and security

DSC can help you enforce security and compliance policies by ensuring that systems are configured in accordance with those policies. You can use DSC to validate that specific configuration settings are present on a system and view compliance reports about the status.

Software and application deployment

DSC can be used to automate the deployment and configuration of applications on target systems. You can use DSC to ensure that the necessary prerequisites and configuration settings are present before installing an application.

We integrate common technologies and open source products in a holistic solution

Benefit from seamless integrations in an intuitive user interface. Customize your systems in hybrid IT infrastructures and across multiple platforms.

Desired State Configuration

We provide a way to automate the management of system configuration, helping ensure that systems are configured as intended and remain in a desired state.

Community and import

Import existing modules into the console, including PowerShell modules, scripts and DSC resources. Extend them with your own use-cases that are not covered.

Templates and best practices
Every account comes with a set of predefined templates and best practices you can use directly to create new system configurations.
Analytics and inventory

Our DSC baseline module gathers a large variety of system information on connected nodes and makes it easy to extend the gathered information.

Continuous delivery

Use existing PowerShell DSC configurations to create your machine image templates according to various security standards and compliance regulations.

Console and wizard
Use our DSC Configuration Wizard to create configurations without the need to code and ensure that IaC is performed consistently and according to best practices.

Get rid of manual configurations and management.
Use XOAP for desired state configuration across multiple platforms

Simple system configuration management. DSC with an intuitive wizard for a centralized configuration management of your entire IT infrastructure.



30 days for free


€99 /month

100 systems included

Our products can be combined according to your needs

Continuous configuration and delivery in hybrid and multi cloud infrastructures.

Infrastructure and workplace automation

Customized machine image builds for multiple platforms

System and configuration management

Software and application packaging and management

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