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Solutions to manage and automate your entire IT infrastructure

XOAP is a automation platform for code-based implementation of IT infrastructure components. It enables desktops, systems and entire IT infrastructures anywhere and anytime. Simplify your processes with one central platform for your on-premises infrastructure and multi cloud environments.
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XOAP infrastructure automation

Infrastructure automation

Automate the provisioning, compliance, and management of cloud and on-premises, using predefined and customizable workflows.

Machine Image customization

Customize and automate the creation of Windows and Linux machine images. Use modern configuration management and add scripts and software within your predefined image pipeline.

XOAP machine image customization
XOAP software and configuration delivery

Software and configuration delivery

Manage your physical or virtual systems and desktops with standardized software packages and desired state configurations via one simple GUI.

Migrate and configure user settings

Configure application and desktop settings in either a user or system context - consistently across notebooks, VDIs or cloud systems.

XOAP migrate and configure user settings
XOAP analytics and monitoring

Analytics and monitoring

Analytics, detailed reports, and easy-to-implement audit capabilities for all target systems anywhere. Get real-time insights into your infrastructure, servers, user activity and application installations.

All our products

We develop solutions that enable companies to start immediately with the right strategy in hybrid infrastructures. Use each module individually or bundle them into a holistic solution.
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Extensions and APIs for a holistic solution

We develop extensions and provide an API to bundle different competences from various areas to expand our solution. This allows you to get started easily and quickly. Together we are shaping the future.
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Citrix Extension is an add-on for all our existing modules.

We provide you with predefined roles with PSADT software packages to install a complete Citrix infrastructure. These also include all the best practice configurations of the individual Citrix elements such as VDA, StoreFront, and others.

Install, upgrade or migrate your Citrix VAaD infrastructure with the click of a button.

Use uberAgent dashboards without SPLUNK.

We offer all available uberAgent dashboards on Elastic ELK and Kiabana. Deploy your uberAgent client, use the configuration templates with all uberAgent best practices and access the provided dashboards without your own infrastructure.

uberAgent without Splunk - cheaper than ever.

Deploy Contextual Security policies on all endpoints.

We provide you with the deviceTRUST installation and all the necessary best practices for deploying different use cases on virtual desktops, AVD or on notebooks and FAT clients.

Secure your managed and unmanaged endpoints.

FSLogix enhances and enables user profiles in Windows environments.

Roam user data between computing sessions and minimize the sign in times for virtual desktop environments. Extend the FSLogix functions with profile.XO and configure the user profile with a strong PowerShell solution.

Automate and simplify the management of fslogix with XOAP.

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