Efficient and automated software deployment

The easiest way to package software. Install it on any system worldwide, managed and unmanaged. 


Define standards in software packaging and deployment

Eliminate manual processes and error-prone packages. 

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Standardized software packaging and deployment reduces the provisioning time of workstations


applicationXO overview


Create application and software groups to define roles, with dependencies and in the correct installation order


applicationXO roles


Efficient, standardized and automated software deployment of custom packages, evergreen applications and third-party integrations


applicationXO application list


Software installation and configuration; system hardening and protection. Everything regulated, structured and fast


applicationXO installation logs


Central analysis of the log files of all installed software packages, across platforms and systems

Use cases for centralized and global software management – across hybrid IT infrastructures

Standardization and automation of software and application deployment and configuration. Continued maintenance and updating of components within the lifecycle.

Reduction of infrastructure complexity

Reduce the complexity of your deployment infrastructure and TCO while delivering your applications anywhere. Enable easy scaling of software deployment on any number of devices across multiple target platforms.

Simplify the software lifecycle

Make your software packages update process easier and close security gaps within the applications immediately. Meet the rapidly changing requirements of vendors and react fast and flexibly.

Standardize across teams and business units

Unify packaging processes so that everyone can take over directly without any training period. Create standards across teams and business units.

Immediate return on investment

Streamline your deployment workflows and increase efficiency with our automation solutions. Use software packages repeatedly and automatically on different target systems while you focus on your growth.

We integrate common technologies and open source products in a holistic solution

Benefit from seamless integrations in an intuitive user interface. Customize your systems in hybrid IT infrastructures and across multiple platforms.

PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit

Integrate the PSAppDeployToolkit completely to streamline and standardize the software deployment process.

Free PSADT Package Wizard

Create PSADT packages in a few clicks with no code at all. Standardized, versioned and documented. Also available for free download from your XOAP dashboard.

Installer technologies
We support all common installers. WinGet and Chocolatey are available for integration. Simplify your deployment, updating and uninstallation.
Package sync in hybrid environments

Benefit from the global availability of packages and synchronize them with your data center to ensure availability in hybrid IT infrastructures.

Third-party integration

Automate and deploy fully integrated technologies. Deploy Citrix, uberAgent, deviceTRUST or FSlogix. More templates and integration are available.

Access your sources using our provided API. Benefit from holistic automation of your entire infrastructure and services.

Get rid of manual and error-prone installation. Establish standards and reduce overhead

Easily scale application and software deployment on any platform without infrastructure management.



30 days for free


€99 /month

Unlimited access

Standardized packaging and delivery in hybrid IT infrastructures and virtual desktops

Our products can be combined according to your needs.

Infrastructure and workplace automation

Customized machine image builds for multiple platforms

Software and application packaging and management

System and configuration management with ease

Ready to get started with automation? You will love it.

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