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The resources area is your script and installation files repository. Here you will find all the files you have uploaded for further usage with image.XO.

The first step we need to do is to add files. To do so, please refer to Add Resources.

Resources overview

Table view #

The resources table view shows the following columns:

  • Name: the name of the resources
  • Description: the description of the resources
  • Tags: the assigned tags of the resources
  • Creation Date: the date when the resources were created
  • Size (Bytes): the size in bytes
  • Update Date: the date when the resources were updated

Upload resources #

Click Add Resources.

Add resource

A new window opens.

Insert resource information

You can now navigate to the Script or File that needs to be uploaded. Add a Description and Tags, if needed.

If you changed an already uploaded file, select the Overwrite if file is present switch.

Click on Save to upload the file to the online file storage.

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