Resources #

This area shows all uploaded resources within your tenant. These resources can be used in combination with the DSC resources we provide.

This makes it possible to deploy configuration files, license files, background pictures and much more to connected nodes.


Table views #

The resources table view shows the following columns.

  • Name: The name of the resources.
  • Description: The description of the resources.
  • Tags: The assigned tags of the resources.
  • Size (Bytes): The size in bytes.
  • Creation Date: The date the file was uploaded to the console.
  • Update Date: The date the file was last updated.

Add resources #

Click on the “+” in the Resources area.

Add resource

A new window opens.

Add resource information

You can now navigate to the script or file to be uploaded. Add a description if you like and some tags that you might assign to the resource.

If you want to change an already uploaded file, choose the Overwrite if file is present switch.

Click on save to upload the file to the online file storage.

Combine new and existing resources #

The resources can now be used in combination with the DSC resources we already provide. This enables to deploy configuration files, licenses files, background pictures and more files to the connected nodes.

To enable this functionality, the XOAP Baseline Module Version 0.1.4** and **XOAPResourceDownloader**, where you can select the file which you have uploaded via adding a resource before:

Select parameters

Fill in the optional information and click on Save to create the configuration by incorporating existing resources you have uploaded before.

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