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Use our local app connect.XO to automate and configure your hybrid IT infrastructure. Run our modules in your on-premises environment and easily synchronize packages from the cloud with your data center.

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Cross-system management, analysis and administration for hybrid IT infrastructures

Enable On-Premises infrastructures for hybrid-cloud scenarios.

Run image.XO and platform.XO tasks in your local infrastructure.

Synchronize application.XO packages from cloud to on-premises and vice versa.

Access cloud configurations and deployments in secure environments.

Use cases

Run Infrastructure as Code #IaC deployments in your on-premises data center.
Detailed insights
Access your tenant configurations and all node information from your local client.
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Standards and automation
Create standardized PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit (PSADT) software packages and assign them to defined roles. Collect logs centrally.
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Continuous deployments
Perform continuous deployments of holistic IT infrastructures in the cloud an on-premises. Check the current status and efficiently manage problems and issues that may arise.
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We integrate common technologies and open source products

Use the modular architecture and open XOAP interfaces to deploy products and future-oriented technologies. Extend and integrate your existing products, tools and developments into the intuitive application via API.
PowerShell DSC
Use PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) with our unique DSC frontend. Distribute and manage versioned configurations and have a central overview of errors and compliance issues.
PowerShell AppDeployment Toolkit
Package PSADT software packages with a unique wizard to standardize the way you deploy applications. Use the open framework to adjust functions to your own needs and use them with any ESD you like.
Our insights.XO module collects a variety of system information for all connected systems. It simplifies the central view all of the collected information from various clouds and on-premises environments.

Start simple with a holistic solution to automate and standardize your entire infrastructure

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